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AoF ANNOUNCEMENT...As of 12 October 1999, this site will no longer be updated nor upgraded. The site will remain online until 31 March 2000, when AoF's lease on the Web expires. Apologies to all scholars, particularly those who just (re-)discovered Scritti Politti. Anyone claiming a non-exclusive non-guaranteed inheritance of data collected herein should contact AoF via email at aof@doubt-beat.com. As for why AoF is going offline...

'Anomie & Bonhomie'
out now (26 Jul 99)

in most countries, check 99 Artifacts Catalog for details

The focus of this archeological society is the musicropolis called Scritti Politti. . .
The scholarship here occassionally veers towards idiosyncratic meta-musical speculations; for straightforward information on Scritti Politti check other web sites listed in the fansites section or go with the official line: Official Scritti Politti Website. Gif Animation Portrait of Mr. Green Gartside whining that not enough people get the humor in his lyrics.

Gossip-mongers can go straight to the Speculation Forum for freshly dugged up and mostly unconfirmed rumours about Scritti and its past and present citizens or chat to one another at the Discussion Forum

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The schematic diagram to your right represents a cross section of the archeological dig and the specimens found. To date four layers representing four phases of this civilization have been found.

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